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              C.E.O of Dread Management MusicGroup Inc.
 I started Dread Management  in Tampa, Florida in 2007 and I don't plan on looking back now as the future is ahead of us all. I focus on the business at hand and spend the time needed on my Artist by managing, listening, developing, marketing, promoting, booking, even event plan, to help them reach their goals and live out their dreams in life........STARDOM!!!!! As a  Personal Manager I have worked in the industry  with several Record Labels,  Artist, Photographers, Videographers, Comedians, Actresses, Studios, Internet & Radio Stations DJ's both Underground and Main Stream. Being raised with music as my love and joy, I know what it means to a Artist to be heard and recognized in the music industry  the correct way, so i don't take my job lightly getting this done.  I look forward to sharing and introducing my clients music to new audiences all over the World and spreading the talent of the hidden and rarely heard voices of the Future. Dread Management MusicGroup Inc.  will be a household name in months to come as plans are already in place with a internet based station to have all my artist music aired. Being also the owner of my own business , I know what it means to work hard at what you love to do and take our musically journey seriously.  I want to give a special shout out and thank you to my mentors and affiliates who have helped me and advised me on making this business a successful one. I want to once again thank you for stopping by and I look forward  to seeing you all at our upcoming events.

Dread Management MusicGroup Inc.
T. "Lady Dread" Fowler

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